Historical overview

Since the creation of RRC in 1970 and until today, COBOL has been one of the most frequently used programming languages. Application development was performed in this language on numerous platforms, which have been of interest over this long period of time (CDC CYBER, VAX, PC – LAN on operation systems all the way from DOS to WINDOWS 7, IBM). With applications we have offered support to various business systems – bookkeeping, publishing, personnel records with salary calculations. Since 1985 we have developed and supported practically all the areas of tax business operations in the Republic of Slovenia.

In the first years of our existence we performed many intensive seminars, where over 1,000 programmers qualified for COBOL programming.


The team of COBOL programmers currently has twelve persons. The average time period of experience in COBOL programming exceeds 15 years.

Work methods

For the support of application development we have established a document of internal standards as an upgrade of the standard dictated by technology development.

Achieved goals:

  • Software recognition         
    The authorship of the product is evident in all software components (source code, documentation, specific processing results).
  • Greater efficiency in development and maintenance – possible automation        
    On the basis of standards, we have planned and designed specific development tools, which help automate the making of some parts of the computer source code.          
    The use of joint packages of the computer source code reduces the number of lines necessary to be entered for factor 3 to 4 of a single programme.
  • Faster integration of new members of the project group           
    Internal standards serve new members of the project group as some kind of textbook, which enables them to prepare themselves to work independently in a new environment.
  • Enabling formal quality control  
    The Internal standard is a regulated base of instructions and criteria, under which a formal verification of products is possible in the sense of implementation of this standard.
  • Configuration management           
    With the consistent performance of the internal standards the principles of configuration management for the products we maintain or develop with this technology are implemented.

Beside the business process support we have also developed procedures, mainly in COBOL, for the execution of data flow control between approx. 120 locations across Slovenia.


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