Analysis and project managment

RRC d.d., wants to help  clients on their way to more efficient business operations by developing quality information systems.

RRC d.d., has with its long tradition of information system development also proved the quality of development and project management. Awhile ago it decided to pay special attention to the management and analysis in information system development. We all know that good business analysis and carefully designed specifications leads to the solution by the client expects.

In project management we have gained much of our own experience over the years, we have accepted some good practises from our country and abroad, our guidance is also working according to recognized methodologies, which are mainly:

  • MVPDU-IT – Methodology of Project Management in State Administration – Annex for IT, which was adopted by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia in 1997;
  • PMBOOK – Project management according to the recommendations of the biggest national association for project management of global recognition – Project Management Institute; or its subsidiaries in Slovenia;
  • SCRUM – methodology for micro project management, based on modern, agile technologies.

Our long years of experience, training and guidelines has helped us in preparing the analysis or producing functional specifications for each information systems, which are presented by:

  • BABOK – Methodology for business analysis, which is set by the leading association in the world of business analysts "International Institute of Business Analysis" (IIBA);
  • ISO 10006: 2004 – Quality management systems – Guidelines for quality management in projects

Good and accurate functional specifications are an efficient way to the realization of a project for the benefit of the contracting authority and the contractor. Therefore, in the business analysis we shall review and prepare with you:

  • A detailed survey of consumer requirements,
  • Examples of usage (use case),
  • Possible scenarios,
  • Entity-relation diagram,
  • Necessary records, ...

Functional specifications are the foundation for the preparation of test plans and the basis for the assumption of solutions.

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