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Municipality of Ljubljana

Municipality of Ljubljana about the iNAR system (statement of the contracting authority):

"The Municipality of Ljubljana has been in cooperation with RRC d.d., for many years. RRC d.d., assures us information support for public procurement proceedings in city administration. The iNAR product, which was developed in accordance with the requirements and with extensive cooperation of our Public Procurement Service, operates in accordance with expectations since the takeover. On the grounds of the performed business analyses, the information support has contributed to a significantly faster and more transparent performance of public procurement procedures in the city’s administration. Last year the Public Procurement Service received an award for the department with the largest decrease in paper consumption (in the year 2011 paper consumption was reduced by 47.4%), for which the quality design of the software solution also takes credit.

RRC d.d., qualitatively, actively and proactively participates in maintenance and complementing the product to the same extent as it had done in the development stage. Business is mastered undisputedly in a professional sense, technologically as well as procedurally.

RRC d.d., is a trustworthy partner to us."


Borzen, organizator trga z električno energijo, d.o.o.

Kemofarmacija, d. d.

Customized development

Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia

Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia

DRI d.o.o.

Zavod za varstvo pri delu d.d.

Planica Institute of Sports of the Republic of Slovenia

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia Health Inspectorate

Elektro Slovenije d.o.o.

Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, Labour Inspectorate

Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, Administration Academy

Institute for Transfusion Medicine

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