Legal notifications

Owner and administrator of the website and its subsites is the company RRC Računalniške storitve, d.d. The purpose of the website is to inform the general public about the company, its products and services.

By browsing or using this website the user agrees with the general conditions, he/she states that he/she is acquainted with them and hereby agrees with them.


All contents published on the website, including photographs, graphic elements, logos and the whole image of the website is owned by the owner of the website and is protected by copyright. Any copying, publishing or distribution of any content either partially or entirely on other sites without the owner’s written consent is forbidden.


The website owner shall with due diligence try to assure the accuracy and currency of the data. At the same time the owner reserves the right to modify the contents of the website and/or cease its supplementation at any time without prior notice and shall not assume any responsibility for the renewal of the website. The owner may also at any time and without any notice modify the products, services or programmes described on this website.


All trademarks on the website are protected if the website owner does not determine otherwise. This also includes all of the owner's logos (logos of products and corporate logos) and marks. Use of trademarks is only allowed with the prior consent of the website owner.

Limitation of liability

The owner is not liable for the accuracy, correctness and currency of the data and information which are published on the website and does not assume responsibility for the actions, which the user performs on the basis of the published data.

The owner is not liable for any damage which could occur from any reason, including but not limited to: due to false and/or untrue data submitted by the user, due to technical problems (for example a computer virus, power failure, mechanical defect, … and others), due to the omission and/or termination of the performance of services by the owner/administrator, due to the actions of national and/or administrative authorities, ...etc.

These websites may contain links or references to websites, sources and information of third parties. However, the RRC company is not familiar with the contents of the information on the websites of third parties, and therefore does not assume any responsibility for the information stated therein.


In case of any violations of the applicable legislation or these conditions, the owner may use all the submitted personal data including the IP-address to prevent future violations and for the elimination of the consequences of the violation.

As the result of any kind of violation the user may be partially or entirely restricted from website access or use.

Any attempt or execution of unauthorized modification, deletion, damage, causing temporary or permanent lack of functionality of the data on the website is forbidden. Any attempt or execution of activity, such as an unauthorized access to any other contents within the frame of the information system of the owner past the website is also forbidden.

Protection of privacy

Contact information and some personal data about those visitors who would like to acquire information and contact RRC for such purposes are collected at the website. Exclusive responsibility for the credibility of personal data and contact information is assumed by the visitors. We use contact information for establishing contact with visitors whenever necessary or upon the visitor's own wishes. The user may at any time terminate the permission for personal data processing. RRC shall in this case, do everything necessary to immediately execute the request.

Personal data and contact information shall be used only for the purpose for which they were submitted in accordance with your permission. We do not disclose data to third parties.
Your IP-address would be used only and exclusively for the establishment of problems with the server and managing the website.

Transitional and final provisions

For the interpretation of these general conditions and disputes arising from the user-owner relationship, Slovene substantive and procedural law applies, for eventual disputes arising from this relationship, the competent court in Ljubljana has subject matter jurisdiction.

If the court with the jurisdiction to adjudicate in this matter shall decide that a provision of the general conditions is invalid, this provision shall be excluded, whereby the other provisions of the general conditions shall remain valid and effective.

Ljubljana, 1 May 2012

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