RRC Računalniške storitve is one of the oldest IT companies in Slovenia. It goes all the way back to the year 1968, when we broke new ground in this area within the Jožef Stefan Institute. After 40 years of successful operation, we are one of the important actors in the field of development of Information systems in Slovenia.

Our operation is based on professional development, and is the result of quality work, professional solutions, particularly based on the trust of our business partners.

Milestones in the development:

2011 According to the evaluation of the Bonitetna hiša I, RRC is placed between the 50 Slovene companies with the highest credit rating. We registered the trademark EnerEye.
2010 RRC celebrates its 30th anniversary of its independent operation.
2009 RRC receives an award from the Slovene Society for Information Science, for its contribution to computer development, information science and information systems in Slovenia, and for cooperating with the Society; the visual image of the company is renewed;
2007 Establishment of a partnership with the company SAP.
2004 Completion of a common project of e-dohodnina (income tax) for the purpose of DURS.
2003 Establishment of a partnership with Microsoft.
2002 The RRC company adopts a document called Technological development of RRC. Establishment of a partnership with Oracle.
2001 A modern internet application is made for the Slovene Chamber of Commerce for collecting information on the membership subscriptions. PID Zvon1 becomes the major shareholder of RRC.
2000 The centralization of branch offices within the tax offices is established at DURS. With regard to the quality system, the company also started the TQM project.
1999 We received the ISO 9001 certificate from SIQ.
1996 On the grounds of an invitation to tender, RRC was chosen by the Ministry of Education to create the school personnel system ŠKIS. A high-performance Unix server is purchased for the purposes of development and tax administration.
1995 RRC is privatised and renamed RRC Computer Services d.d. Under contract with CVI, an IBM computer is installed for the purposes of the government of the Republic of Slovenia in the RRC offices. RRC concludes a contract with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer and Information Science at the University of Maribor to cooperate on the PROCESSUS project, within which education on quality was conducted, particularly on the ISO 9000-3 guidelines (software).
1990 RRC is restructured into RRC Računalniške storitve p.o.
1980 RRC is restructured from TOZD RRC into a working organization and becomes independent under the new name of RRC Računalniške storitve.
1977–1968 The history of RRC goes back to the year 1968, when it began its operations within the Jožef Stefan Institute. RRC was founded within the Institute as the Republic Computing Centre. In 1968, the first medium sized computer was purchased, a CDC 3300 for the three founders, later this was expanded with the installation of a CYBER 70 system in 1972, which enabled the computing performance for nine founders. In 1977 a new machine was purchased, a CYBER 172. Both systems together assured enough computing power for more than 20 members with the help of 32 remote connections, which was at that time a remarkable organizational and technological success. The system was considered one of the largest in Europe and the largest in the Balkans.

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