Our biggest assets are hidden in our employees.

RRC currently employs 40 experts. We are proud to say that majority of our employees achieved a high level of formal education, and next to this, we also constantly complement our knowledge and demonstrate this with over 60 certificates in the field of MS, Oracle and SAP technologies and project management, computer solution testing and other areas.

We are especially proud of the values which guide us in our daily work:


We treat our clients with responsibility, honesty, fairness and we represent a reliable business partner, who responds promptly to market conditions and consumer needs with the high quality of our services.

Commitment / enthusiasm

Employees are shaping the environment where we are prepared to engage ourselves to achieve notable and measurable results to the fullest extent possible. Thus, we create the environment where we feel good and attract only the best in our midst.

Team work

We, the employees are acquainted with the common goals of the company and can identify with them and work in the direction of their realization. We work effectively in teams, we are prepared to share our knowledge and ideas to achieve common results and we take care to preserve a mutual respectful relationship during such participation.


We support the development of new, applicable ideas, offering useful suggestions and proposals, we are sensitive to problems and are able to find creative solutions. This is the key to identifying new business opportunities.

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