Corporate social responsibility

On the grounds of needs and trends, RRC is included in the society and environment in which it operates, as a member of modern society. We do our best for the balanced development of economic indicators and human resources and for environmental safety. Compliance with statutory and internal rules, we encourage the participation of workers in the management and the life of the company. We encourage all types of constructive dialogue, which also includes a social dialogue between the employer and employees, and at the same time we are aware of the social responsibility and the responsibility towards all participants in the company.

We are aware that as a company, we can contribute in a positive manner, with our actions and examples, with responsibility to nature, by considering human rights, with affection for the family and family activities of our employees.

Our employees are our biggest assets. The company acts according to the principle of fair and equal treatment of employees and the respect for fundamental human rights. Employees in the RRC company are supported in their ideas and desires.

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